Advanced Analytics

LUCID™ could be easily deployed at a Single Agency, County, State or Federal level.Enforsys’s LUCID™ (Logical Understanding of Common Incident Data) platform uses proprietary algorithms to quickly analyze real-world incident data. Through a range of visualization techniques, LUCID then maps criminal acts, detects critical patterns and irregularities, and predicts where and when similar events may occur.Unlike most statistical analysis tools, LUCID is not restricted by the number of parameters included in an analysis. Indeed, with LUCID, the more parameters used in the schema, the more stable and predictive the results become.  Source data can be based on police intelligence, CAD and RMS data, gang data, evidence data, DMV records, census bureau data, weather, time, or any other pertinent variables. Results are displayed in a variety of formats, including heat maps, 3-D charts and graphs, and other graphical depictions.Key Features include:

  • Solve existing investigations and prevent crime from occurring in the future
  • At-a-glance visualization for easy comprehension of complex data
  • Applicable to any agency, law enforcement, homeland security, fusion centers, port authority, fire, private security, and banking/financial services
  • Enhance officer and civilian safety
  • Rapid deployment, easy-to-use, minimal training

With LUCID you can utilize both the existing and virtually untapped data to support resource management and deployment. LUCID gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Best of all, LUCID requires a minimum amount of training and takes just 30 to 60 days to implement.

With intelligent, timely analysis and dissemination of this information, law enforcement and other agencies can more effectively make the right decisions, accurately and quickly. What If you could reliably forecast when and where crime will occur? With LUCID there are no Ifs. LUCID helps you solve the what, when, how, and where.